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Merchants all over the world now accept Litecoin. You can spend Litecoin directly from many popular wallets, via gift cards, as well as crypto credit and debit cards. Litecoin's low fees, fast and easy transactions, and reliability, make it the perfect payments solution!

Grey visa card with litecoin logo on top leftGrey visa card with litecoin logo on top leftGrey visa card with litecoin logo on top left
Other ways to spend litecoin

Wallet Apps

Use any one of the many apps that support Litecoin and payments to spend your Litecoin in-store, online, or wherever it’s accepted.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards - like those available from BitPay - are another easy, frictionless way to spend your Litecoin.


Spend your Litecoin instantly, with just one tap and no fees. Powered by Flexa, SPEDN makes it possible to spend Litecoin without the need to cash out to USD or load a plastic card. Instead, just take your phone into any store that accepts Flexa, tap the brand where you’d like to spend your Litecoin, and scan your unique flexcode for payment.

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