Litecoin 10-Year Anniversary NFT Collection

The Litecoin community is celebrating its 10th Anniversary! A milestone in the history of the cryptocurrency industry. To commemorate this occasion the Litecoin Foundation curated a collection for it's first ever NFT drop. 10 NFTs, made by 10 artists from all around the world, who are part of the Litecoin community and have been handpicked by Foundation, helping to celebrate our anniversary through their own very unique artistic styles.

The action runs for a limited time and each piece is unique. Owning 1 of these NFTs also gets you a physical copy of the artwork you have bought.

Planet of Litecoins

Artist: Fanuel Leul from Ethiopia - Description: This piece shows a mountainous world covered with 10 giant, floating Litecoins, reflecting the influence Litecoin has had on the crypto world over the past 10 Years. As a pioneer project in the crypto space, it has served as inspiration for a plethora of incredible crypto projects over the past 10 years and continues to do so.

Litecoin's Journey

Artist: Spectacular Way from Spain - Description: A 10 year-long saga’s celebration represented in a surreal landscape. The 10 shining stars illuminate Litecoin’s past decade.

Litecoin and Flowery Harmony

Artists: Noriko Kinouchi from Japan - Description: Heartfelt Congratulations to the Litecoin Foundation and community for Litecoin’s 10th anniversary. It is a great honor to be involved in celebrating such a wonderful occasion. I’ve created this work of art to wish for the well-being of Litecoin and all those who are involved with Litecoin. I wanted you to see 10 Years of Litecoin represented by 10 Litecoins floating upwards, just as Litecoin continues to reach newer and newer heights over the past 10 years. (ライトコイン10周年おめでとうございます!) (このような素晴らしい機会をお祝いすることができ、とても光栄です) (私はライトコインとライトコインに関わる人全ての幸福を祈り、作品を制作しました)

Litecoin Interstellar

Artsit: Index 3D from India - A decade of Litecoin! Here’s my tribute to Litecoin on it’s 10th anniversary as I show a seamless loop of Litecoin navigating it’s way through uncharted territory in hyperspace as it continues to serve as inspiration for humanity to pursue new projects without borders.


Artist: Anagbado Chuma from Nigeria - A chronology of the evolution of form, function, and materiality of currency, starting with the from the age-old cowries otherwise known as shell money found in Africa, South and East Asia, through to the emergence of a web 3 powered Litecoin. This art is inspired by my heritage Igbo (Nigerian) Uli artform. 

The Enlightened Cosmonaut

Artist: Alexandr Drojjin from Russia - This work shows 10 Litecoins orbiting our planet like satellites - 10 coins representing every year of its existence. The Soviet cosmonaut represents humanity's soul, which yearn for progress and technological advancement. He meditates peacefully upon realizing Litecoin’s contribution to humanity’s technological progress on an unprecedented level over the past 10 years. 

With Love from Russia

Artist: Hellbrush from Russia - This work is an ode to Litecoin being an international currency over the past 10 years. It is available to everyone and is used and loved everywhere. Without the highs and lows of each of the past 10 years, the Litecoin community would not be as strong and international as how it is today. A set of Matryoshka dolls from my native Russia are not complete without each other either. So, I've decided to depict 10 Matryoshka dolls of different denominations from 1 to 10, representing each year of Litecoin's existence and honoring its 10th anniversary celebrations. 

Girl with Determination

Artist: Kamakiriko from Japan - I was was inspired by Litecoin’s path over the last 10 years and I created this picture while holding Litecoin in my heart, which will continue to shine even more brightly in the future.(1枚のコインが辿ってきた道のり) (その物語を想う一人の少女がいた)

The Foundation

Artist: Perry Berry from India - Litecoin was founded in 2011 as the faster, cheaper, and easier to use "Lite" version of Bitcoin. 10 years ago, Mr. Charlie Lee (@SatoshiLite) breathed life into the world of crypto by creating Litecoin while he was working at Google, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area. One can see the Golden Gate Bridge as a tribute to Litecoin's origins in this artwork. 

Happy Birthday Litecoin!

Artist: Tsegaw Tesfa from Ethiopia - Description: Happy 10th Birthday Litecoin! This piece highlights the massive community that has contributed to Litecoin becoming a huge success over the past 10 years. It also pays tribute to its creator Charlie Lee, leading the community. The 10 balloons signify it's 10th birthday and the moon hints towards an exciting future for Litecoin and its community.

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