After a couple of years with most of the world closed, the Litecoin Summit is making a triumphant return to Las Vegas on October 21st & 22nd of this year. With no shortage of crypto events to choose from, here are five reasons why the Litecoin Summit is one you shouldn’t miss:


The Litecoin Summit isn't just about Litecoin. It's for everyone. Some amazing things have started with the Litecoin community: Lightning, Segwit, merge-mining with DOGE. This is a community who knows the meaning of the word 'community'. This is a crypto event welcoming everyone and their ideas. Athletes, Technologists, Politicians, NFT artists, miners, payment gateways, wallets, futurists come one and all.


This year’s summit boasts a diverse lineup that includes experts and crypto personalities from all over, including:

  • David Burkett - Lead developer of MWEB
  • John Bollinger - Creator of Bollinger Bands
  • Danielle Moinet - Former WWE Superstar
  • Mati Greenspan - Founder & CEO of Quantum Economics
  • Paul Puey - CEO & Co-Founder at Edge
  • The Founders of Bitcoin Computer
  • Lily Wang from Antpool
  • Over 30 announced so far and more to come! Check em out here.


Every year Charlie takes the stage and makes a keynote address to the community. He lets us know how far ahead in the future he's thinking. Not to be missed!


It's a networking bonanza, whether you’re looking for your first foray into the cryptoverse, an investor keen on hearing about what’s in store for blockchain in the coming months, or seeking networking opportunities with cryptocurrency & blockchain-focused companies, this event has it all! Aside from a plethora of spectacular speakers, there will be dozens of companies who operate in the ecosystem exhibiting products and services and looking for top talent, as well as the opportunity to purchase some awesome products using crypto. Vegas is fun enough by itself, but add a major event with giveaways and a huge party and you've got the perfect weekend!


Last but not least, YOU will be contributing to the ongoing development and progression of the Litecoin mission. By attending the summit, you will be directly impacting the Litecoin Foundation’s ability to continue improving Litecoin and pushing towards mass adoption. There are many strategic initiatives that continually require funding, and the Foundation is a non-profit organization that relies upon those within the community to help continue the drive towards a truly decentralized currency the entire world is able to access and use. What better way to do that, and have fun at the same time, than attending the Litecoin Summit!

Grab your tickets today! You can pay in crypto or fiat. There's discount hotel rooms at the LINQ Hotel and Casino! And if you look around, you might just find a promo code and get a discount.

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