Thank you to every member of the Litecoin community for an incredible year - one that saw unprecedented growth in transactions, new wallet addresses, social media activity and newsletter subscriptions.Feel free to celebrate some of these incredible highlights on Twitter with the hashtag #Litecoin100Million ok, deep breath - here we go:- On 31st December 2021 Litecoin processed its 100 millionth! transaction, with an astonishing 41.3 million transactions in 2021 alone-  More than $585.1 billion was sent via the Litecoin network over the 12 month period (that’s an average of $1.6 billion a day!)- 321,000 Litecoin addresses were active on average per day, reaching a peak of 698,672.- Litecoin celebrated its 10th birthday on October 13! 10 years of continuous uptime a milestone for all of crypto.- There were over 5.4 billion engagements across social media, an increase of 103% from 2020.- The most active member of the community was ‘MasterBTCLTC’ with 5,000+ twitter posts about Litecoin!- Reddit activity increased 348% in 2021, and the Litecoin Foundation’s following on Twitter grew by 53%!- Subscriptions to the Litecoin Foundation’s newsletter saw a 32% increase - sign up here if you haven’t already- 5200+ news articles had Litecoin as subject matter.- Litecoin was the 6th most mentioned cryptocurrency on Cointelegraph for the year according to Lunar Crush!- Litecoin accounted for 14.78% of Bitpay’s monthly transactions (for Dec, 2021). Tremendous growth in only a few months after being added.A wonderful, momentous and wild year! Litecoin is growing, Litecoin is building! We couldn’t be more thankful for the support in growing awareness, effort in development and adoption of Litecoin! Here's to 2022!!Happy New Year,The Litecoin Foundation.

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