The Litecoin Foundation enters the world of professional Esports!

Litecoin Gaming - with support from the Litecoin Foundation - has signed their first professional esports team, Nefarious! One of the best teams in the world, Nefarious will continue to compete on the global stage, thanks to their debut sponsorship.Known for their tireless work ethic, dynamic team construction and focus on the mental aspects of gaming, Nefarious will now compete under the ‘Litecoin Gaming’ banner in top-tier tournaments like the Rocket League, and beyond!“Rocket League is a great addition to our already rapidly growing organization. We are entering the professional Esports scene within the top 16 in the world of Rocket League.” stated Litecoin Gaming CEO AxiS, “We will be displaying the Litecoin brand to hundreds of thousands of people with this, while also putting on a great show for our viewers.”“I’m very excited about the opportunity to have the team join and help Litecoin Gaming grow. Having an organization that believes in us and the value we bring is fantastic and I’m looking forward to the future alongside Litecoin”, says ‘Space Beer’, Nefarious’ Coach, of the announcement.Founded in 2018, Nefarious has steadily risen through the professional ranks of the  Rocket League. Recent achievements include an epic third-place in the Dreamhack Beyond Boost Cup, and playing in the 2021 Wave Dash where the team defeated G2, NRG, and Shopify Rebellion. In October 2021, Nefarious also competed against the world’s top teams at the Haunted Hallows Cup,finishing inside the top 16 overall!The full Litecoin Gaming roster for the Rocket League includes:

  • Ahduhm (Adam Gehman)
  • Buddy (Alexander Che)
  • hockE (Stephen H.)
  • JWismont (Jake Wismont), and
  • Space Beer (Ben Baron, the team’s Coach).

With the support of the Litecoin Foundation, the future is certainly bright for the new squad on Litecoin Gaming!Catch Nefarious in the upcoming Winter: North America Regional Event, as they work toward qualification for the RLCS World Championship or the World Championship Wildcard! Team merchandise, and an energy drink called ‘Litecoin Lightning’, will be available super soon. So stay tuned!

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